How much does a French course cost?

The cost of a French language course varies mainly according to the French level of the course and the expectations of the student who wants to take the course.

In fact it is an important factor, if the level of the course is a basic beginner level or a advanced level, for example a French language course for professionals of a very specific sector, where it is not enough for the teacher to know the French language , nor that he is a mother tongue, but in addition to these requirements he must also have in-depth knowledge of a specific sector such as the legal, administrative, commercial, or any other business sector .

Another factor that affects the price of a French course is certainly the timing of the course , in fact an intensive French course will cost different than a course with French lessons with standard timing spread on a uniform calendar.

Furthermore, another aspect to consider in the cost of a French course is whether the course takes place face to face in the classroom or if the course is online , in fact, clearly the face-to-face course in the classroom will also have to take into account the cost of renting the classroom and also of the equipment, aspects that are not considered in the French courses that take place completely remotely online </strong >, where students use their homes or offices and their computers to connect to live lessons with teachers.

Finally, the type of course also affects the price of a French course , if individual course with a teacher dedicated to one person, or if the course consists of a group of several students .

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