Who we are

French language school in Milan for in-person classroom courses or online remotely



We are a young and dynamic company headquartered in Milan. We provide French language courses , for Italian and foreign students of all levels and ages.

Our French training school , was born from our many years of experience and from collaboration with selected French mother tongue teachers , with university qualification and preparation.

Our French courses , can be held in classroom in the presence or online , and are aimed at individuals and companies , to satisfy study plans and personalized courses .

Our goal is to enhance teaching from a human and professional point of view , as well as working in a peaceful and welcoming environment that favors the pleasure of learning French .

Learning French is an investment in your future that will enrich you in your academic , private life </ strong> and working professional !

Because we?


In our French lessons , a lot of time is devoted to communication in French , and the teacher involves the student on regulates when it perceives that the student is ready to systematize it ( concrete use of the language ).



We believe in a communicative approach to courses : language is learned through mediated exposure to living language and the more effective for learning the rules is to deduce them from experience and concrete use.



Our teachers have a positive human charge and able to communicate , to convey the French language towards the personal goals of the student, which he will be able to obtain more easily, thanks to a positive relationship with the teacher .

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How do we select our teachers?


Our French mother tongue teachers

For our French courses and services, we work with native French teachers and the selection of teachers is one of the most complex and demanding processes of our work. The aspects that we consider in the selection of teachers are different:
  • Communication skills : a teacher is a communicator. different types of communication are required, depending on the type of student you are targeting, children and teenagers, university students, professional workers.
  • Positive attitude towards teaching: you can learn the technique and methods, but a good starting point , humility and the desire to learn things are essential new.
  • General knowledge : to teach French it is not enough to be a native speaker, it is necessary to have such a culture to be able to understand grammar and syntax . Having a broad cultural background helps to interact with students who come from another culture. Our teachers normally have higher education (degree or diploma) and a curriculum of experience that demonstrate their preparation in teaching.
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