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French Beginner Courses A1 A2


French Beginners Courses

The level of the courses was defined by the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for the knowledge of languages) which was adopted from around 1989 by the Council of Europe.

If you have never studied the language, start with A0 (beginner level zero), to reach any language level (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 .. ) it takes approximately 60/80 hours (it depends on the path and student).

Levels A1 (Discovery level), and A2 (Survival level), of French for Beginner : first level of French language courses from scratch , for those who start and have only some elementary knowledge of the French language .

The main goal of the French course for Beginners is “immersion” in the French language and the use concrete language in real contexts (situations of everyday life in contexts such as home, work, meeting places) with native speakers.

The Basic French Course for Beginners focuses on the development of general skills in the different aspects of language skills: reading, listening, grammar and speaking.

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Intermediate French Courses B1 B2


Intermediate French Courses

Levels Intermediate B1 and B2 of French: an intermediate level for those who can interact with conversations on various topics, even complex ones.

  • French B1 level (Independent level): The student is able to understand the main points of conversations in French on various topics: family, working life, school, free time. Furthermore, the student is able to speak and write texts in French , understand texts written in French on current topics or topics of personal or professional interest.
  • B2 French level (Threshold level): The student is also able to understand complex texts in French and technical discussions in their field of work . The student is able to read news articles in French and understand a contemporary narrative text. He is able to express himself in a clear and articulated way on many topics that interest him, and is able to write also providing his own opinion .

Normally, at university and professional level, at least the levels of French B1-B2 are required.

Advanced French Courses C1 C2


Advanced French Courses

Advanced C1 and C2 levels of French: advanced French course for those who have an excellent command of French to communicate fluently in any context . The goal of the advanced courses is to learn to express yourself fluently about your social and professional life and to understand long and complex texts . Furthermore, enrich your vocabulary, consolidate grammar and learn to orient yourself in the different contexts of the language, through all the topics. Furthermore:
  • Improve understanding both in known contexts and in unknown contexts ;
  • Develop the ability to express your views ;
  • Understand the different pronunciations of the French language ;
  • Improve your French accent until you get close to the spoken language of a native speaker.

French certifications


Language certifications

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