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Group courses


French courses for groups

Our French group courses, are taught by qualified native French teachers , and are dedicated to students of different age groups, and different courses of study and professions .

The group French lessons are certainly very instructive and stimulating, thanks to the comparison and continuous interaction with classmates with which you can talk and practice.

Students are divided into small group French courses according to their current level of knowledge of the French language , which is evaluated with a first placement test carried out on a personal level before starting the actual course.

Furthermore, the availability of students is evaluated based on the days and time slots, evening or day (morning or afternoon) and weekends, in order to create mini groups of uniform students also from the point of view of availability .

All our French courses for groups , both online and face-to-face, are structured in accordance with the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference , and developed in coherent and progressive modules.

At the end of the course, in addition to taking an exam aimed at monitoring the progress made, you will receive a report on the learning fields and a certificate of participation as certification of the French course sustained.

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Small Groups


French courses for small groups

Our French group courses , can be organized in more or less large groups, even in small groups of 4-10 students.

Also the French courses for small groups , are aimed at students or professionals of every age. A personal entrance test is carried out for each student, to evaluate the current level of knowledge of the French language , in order to create a small group of the same level of knowledge of French.

group French lessons can be held directly in the classroom , at our centers, or Live online courses with teachers connected via webcam together with other students.

At our French language school , selected teachers mother tongue French collaborate, qualified and with specific experience. </ p >

Thanks to our private French lessons for small groups you can also prepare partial exams (homework) or entire university exams , written or oral.

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Online Group Courses


Online French Group Courses

Our French online group courses, maintain the same quality level as the face-to-face courses, thanks to our native French teachers.

online French courses for groups are an excellent solution especially for those who travel often for work and are unable to guarantee a continuous presence .

The online French language course will allow you to learn French wherever you are: home, office, vacation.

The advantage of the live online French language course , which allows you to optimize travel time: in fact it will be sufficient to turn on a PC in the days and schedules, and have a good internet connection.

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