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Online French courses for all levels, for students and workers, online group or individual courses

Online French Courses


Online French Language School

Our online French courses are Live and not registered, they are taught by our mother tongue teachers they are an excellent solution especially for those who travel often for work and therefore cannot guarantee a continuity of presence.

The certified online courses of French , allow you to achieve the same objectives as the classic classroom courses, and to obtain the same level certificates in French .

The Online Live French courses , can be both individual and group course , also our online French courses school , also provides intensive online French courses .

The Live French Courses on Zoom or Skype, will allow you to learn the language with online French lessons wherever you are: at home, in the office, on vacation.

The advantage among many is to optimize travel time : you just need to turn on a computer and have a good internet connection.

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Individual Online Courses

Discover our individual online French courses with native teachers for all levels. We offer personalized and effective learning, ideal for quickly improving your language skills. Take advantage of interactive and flexible lessons to achieve tangible results in the comfort of your home. Invest in your linguistic success with high-quality French courses.

Online Group Courses

Explore our online French group courses for all levels, taught by native teachers. Join a dynamic and welcoming learning community where you can improve your language skills collaboratively. Enjoy interactive and personalized lessons to reach your language goals from the comfort of your home. Enter the world of French with confidence and expertise.

Corporate Online Courses

Discover our online French courses for companies, suitable for all levels and taught by native speakers. We offer tailor-made programs to improve your team's language skills. Invest in the international success of your company with structured and effective French courses.

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What are the Advantages of Online French Courses?


Live Online French Lessons

We organize your French Online course through virtual lessons live live with native French teacher connected to the PC live. The French online courses can be collective and individual and are aimed at both Individuals and Companies .


  • Possibility to follow the course with the teacher via webcam ;
  • Personalization of the French course according to the needs of the individual student;
  • Same quality of the French courses performed in the classroom,
  • Flexibility in attending French lessons;
  • Online courses individual or in mini group (4-10 students).


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