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Who we are

CorsoDiFrancese.it is a French language school in Italy, which provides courses of all levels, for beginners or advanced.

An innovative point of reference for learning French, with headquarters in Milan, but the possibility of providing French courses and lessons throughout Italy, thanks to online French courses, or at other locations in other cities.

Our goal is to provide completely tailor-made French courses for Italians and foreigners, to learn French in a short time, in order to achieve a specific goal.

To ensure a high quality standard of French lessons, we use only and exclusively qualified teachers, native French speakers, qualified to teach and with extensive experience in the training sector.

Our French language courses are aimed at various groups of students, of all ages and levels, as well as professionals and companies to whom we offer business French courses.


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French Courses Levels


The French course for beginners is aimed at those who want to start learning the language starting from the basics.


The intermediate level French course is aimed at those who already have elementary level bases but wish to improve and deepen their knowledge of the language.


The Advanced French course is a course aimed at all those who have already reached a medium-high level and who already know how to communicate fluently.

Why Online French Courses?


Online French Courses

Our online French language courses, with our mother tongue teachers, are an excellent solution especially for those who travel frequently for work, and therefore cannot guarantee a continuity of presence. The online French lessons allow you to better manage your work or study commitments, and learn French from the comfort of your home or office.

For which type of students the online French courses are recommended:

  • for people who have problems with travel;
  • for people who want to learn French flexibly and in the comfort of their home or office;
  • for students who wish to try the online French course first, and then participate in face-to-face lessons;
  • for people who have very specific business needs.

Type of Courses French

Individual or semi individual

The individual or semi-individual French courses are made for those who prefer a path and program with dedicated and personalized rhythms.

Groups and small groups

Our French group courses , are held by mother tongue teachers, are composed of a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10 people .

Live Online or Register

Online French courses , with our mother tongue teachers, can be Live or as recorded lessons . They are an excellent solution for those who work or study and cannot guarantee a continuity of presence.

French courses for companies


French Business Courses

Our business and corporate French language courses , are customized according to the activity and context of companies or professionals to whom they turn.

The company courses , are structured to acquire language skills, to communicate effectively in a company context , in order to to increase skills and relationships in an international corporate business environment.

You can achieve excellent results by combining French lessons online or in person, even at home within your company .

Lessons will be on the French language general and others focused on the company technical language .

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