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French courses for companies and workers in person or online, individual and group corporate French courses of all levels

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What are our French courses for companies?

Speaking, writing and knowing French is also a great advantage for those who want to enter the international job market .

The knowledge of the French language , in fact, opens the doors to French companies in France and in French-speaking countries around the world such as: Canada, Switzerland, Belgium and African continent .

France, fifth trading power and third country in the collection of foreign investments, is certainly a leading economic partner.

The French language is considered working and business language , as well as official language , at ONU , in European Union , UNESCO , NATO , the International Olympic Committee, the International Red Cross, and many other international legal institutions .

Furthermore, French is the language of the three cities where the European institutions are located: Strasbourg, Brussels and Luxembourg .

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Individual corporate courses

Our one-on-one corporate French courses, available in person or online, are ideal for professionals who want to enhance their language skills. With native teachers and tailor-made programs, we offer flexible and personalized training for every business need. These courses help employees communicate effectively in French, opening up new business opportunities. Invest in your team's growth with certified French courses and start your journey to international success today.

Corporate group courses

Our corporate French group courses, available in person or online, are perfect for improving your team's language skills. With native teachers and customized programs, we offer effective and collaborative training. These flexible courses allow employees to communicate professionally in French, facilitating expansion into international markets. Invest in your company's future with group language training and start the path to global success today.

Online Business French Courses


Discover our French courses for companies online

Often companies and professionals are unable to guarantee a presence in the classroom to attend company French courses . For this reason, companies and professionals prefer to opt for our online French courses for companies , individual or group, with an online connection Live live with our teachers via the pc. Our online French courses for companies with our teachers mother tongue French , are an excellent solution especially for those who travel frequently for work and cannot guarantee continuity of presence . The advantage of the online French language course for companies is the great flexibility both for the days and times, and for the place from which they can be followed. In fact it will be sufficient to log into a computer and have a good internet connection to connect and follow the French lessons live with the teacher. Contact us to immediately discover the offers for our business French courses online .

French certifications


French language certifications for companies

Intensive French Courses


Intensive French courses for companies and professionals

Our intensive French courses for companies and professionals , are the ideal solution for those looking for the flexibility and intensity of a course, to achieve your specific objectives in rapid time .

Through the intensive French courses , you will be able to follow a personalized, flexible and advantageous path, with a semi-dedicated French mother tongue teacher.

Usually it is possible to organize intensive French courses for professionals , individual or for small groups of 2-3 people of the same level.

The Semi-Individual corporate French courses can also take place at your home company , or at one of our offices or directly to your home.

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